Letter from Aurelie

Lauren & I: it is just a lifetime story. We’ve known each other for the biggest part of our lives, we’ve grown together between the US and France. 2’countries, 2 families and 2 best friends.

I think our first respective memory in each other families is when we had to understand what others were telling us in a foreign language…I would end up in talks with Steve telling me really slowly that I could say `no” sometimes and did not have to say “yes” to everything. Lauren, for saying she liked walking .would end up in gigantic hikes with my mum!

One summer after another, we ended up feeling like home in each other’s family and we became as close as sisters. We haven’t seen each other so often over the past few years but whenever we could; it was just like we’d left each other the day before. Lauren always had a listening ear and a smile for you.

Today, her body is gone but her mind is with all of the ones who love her. I know I wouldn’t be the exact same if I had not known Lauren. She contributed to the person that I am today and for that reason she is part of me forever.

Lauren has been in my heart since we met and will remain there for the next million years,

I love you sis’ Aurelie”