Letter from Gisele

Lauren has left us for another journey, and it is truly a pity. I tried for a long time these past few days to find some bad memories or unpleasant moments spent with Lauren. I told myself, “there were surely some moments where she annoyed, irritated, unnerved us”. And yesterday, I went on a long hike on the mountain, with difficulty, I walked slowly, with short breath and I thought with each step of my dear Lauren. And I simply must admit to you that I only have good memories! It’s not possible!!! But, yes…0h, there was a little event, that happened one time, I am not going to explain it to you here, but I will tell Louise one day, my reaction after this incident, shows how much I was attached to Lauren.

I am not going to enumerate all the qualities that I found in Lauren. (that would be long a difficult to translate for you Sara!). I would simply say that she was tremendous and that my attachment when I saw her for the first time was immediate and constant. The last time I that I said goodbye to Lauren in Portland, which was very difficult for me, because I felt that it was the last time. But upon my return to France, it was stronger than I thought. Today, she is the only one that I considered my second daughter there is nothing more sure on this earth, but I am certain: Lauren is in me, she walks with me, she speaks with me at certain times, and maybe one day, we will find each other again, if God wills it.

I would like here, to address all those that may read this message, so that you don’t forget that Lauren was an exceptional human being, but that it’s also because of Louise, Steve, Sarah, and Sean who saw her be born and grow up, who really helped her throughout the duration of her illness. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart; I know that their pain is great and I understand it.

I also had a thought for John, who made a great impression on me. Very discrete, hanging back, but always ready to support Louise in these difficult times and who did all that he could when we came to Portland to try to make our short stay in Oregon pleasant. I am sure that he will continue to be thoughtful with regard to Louise who will have difficult moments in the absence of Lauren. I wish for you all, close friends of Lauren, to find peace and serenity despite he absence.