Letter from Leslie

So many wonderful memories come to mind when I think of Lauren. Most of them involve Lauren’s beautiful smile, generous spirit, intense loyalty, frequent clumsiness, and her love of story. Not all of Lauren’s stories were true, but they were always creative and engaging. Lauren embellished with flair. It was clear that she had read many novels, traveled the world, and experienced life. But it was helpful when Lauren’s dear friend Rachel was around for clarification of some of the stories, even though the facts were rarely as rich and imaginative as Lauren’s telling.

I mentioned Lauren’s loyalty. She was incredibly loyal to her family and friends. She was a warrior and fought her own battles with a positive spirit. and unending determination, but she would Minimize her own concerns in a heartbeat if it meant being there for someone she loved. When my husband, Tom, came down with cancer for the second time in his life, Lauren was immediately there with love, support, and prayers. Even once she was facing the battle for the second time herself, she called me with joy in her voice one day in July when we had received news that Tom’s chemotherapy was working. Lauren said something like, “I’m so happy that things are finally going well for you and Tom. I’ve been feeling guilty because things have been going so well for me, and you and Tom have had such a hard time of it. You deserve good news.” Lauren was truly an amazing gift in my life.

Lauren was not a simple woman. She had a dynamic personality that drew people to her. In my opinion, Lauren was…

  • a fiercely independent person, but incredibly attached to her boyfriend, friends, and family
  • a world traveler, but the well-liked home town girl
  • a fashion goddess, but a woman who was approachable and down to earth
  • a fighter, but a believer in peace and harmony
  • a person who loved history, but one who was so able to appreciate and live in the now
  • a good girl, good student, good sister, good daughter, and a good friend, but someone that strongly believed that well-behaved women seldom make history

Lauren will make history. She will be a part of all of us forever. She will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

Leslie Greger –