Letter from Lois

I sometimes wonder if Lauren always knew how to live in the moment. She was sometimes called “spacey” or “talkative” by those who loved her – her mind always floating around or a new story told in that conversational ramble as she picked up the threads of her beloved kings and queens and
the history that they created in their wakes.

The picture I carry in my mind of “moment-living” occurred when Lauren was about fourteen. She was in a dancer’s get-up with a flowing scarf that she had spun around herself as the music sang. Completely uninhibited, Lauren spun around that room while leaping from couches while twirling her scarf around herself or in great colorful arcs. I like to think that Lauren carries this gift with her – moving from this life
as though stepping off a curb to cross into the next one. Scarf in hand, Lauren does not look back; she is too busy dancing in the new moment; an arc of color surrounds her.