Letter from Norma

I will miss you Lauren
your kindness to all.
your love of life and
always your hope
for tomorrow.

Life is all about learning about
so many things.
your work towards your goals
your love of travel
But most of all about your love
of family and friends.

The goals or if you will
the dreams of finding
your one true love
of becoming a professor
in college teaching your students
about the history of women.

You made so many friends
through out your life time.
These friends, who are there for you
through good times and
difficult times.

We will mourn about your life
being cut so short
but we know how fortunate
we are to have been a part
of those moments.

You have been a bright and
shining light and
we will keep your
memories in our hearts
and celebrate your life.

God bless you and your family
and friends.

Papa and Betty and those you
have known, who have
gone before you, will
be waiting for you..

Peace, my sweet girl. Peace