Letter from Sara

There are no words to define the scope of my sister’s beauty.  I write these thoughts in an effort to share with you, with God, and with Lauren, just how amazing and full of grace she was; all the while knowing that I cannot begin to do justice to her.

Lauren, you are my heart.  You are the constant in my life who has shared every thing, every day, memory, lesson and dream with me.

You taught me what true courage is.  You were the epitomy of courage, and not just during your battle.  Your courage began at birth, I am sure.  It continued through your childhood by being an older sister who loved each of us to no end, paving the way for me and two others.  Lauren you lived your life on earth with passion, and at the same time, the softest grace imaginable.  These traits were clear to all who encountered you.  No one, across this globe, could help but love and be enchanted by your soul and its beauty.

In how you loved me, you taught me what love is.  The unfailiing, everlasting, unconditional love you gave me taught me how to truly love someone.

These traits of yours were so clear during the battle you fought.  You never gave up on your dreams, you never became discouraged.  You were graceful, courageous, and beautiful until your last breath here on earth.  You left your mark on countless people across the globe, and you will live on in the heart of all you touched…every person, every child, every country and every memory.

Thank you a million times over for all you taught me.  You will  live on within me forever, and I will live my life with you as my heart.   I am the luckiest sister in the world to have you and your love.  I will look forward every day to see you again, my dear sister.
I love you.